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Technology prospect

High speed press feeds

We provide the high-speed press feeds for the electric motor core lamination and semiconductor lead frame press system. Our lead frame feeds can accurately synchronized to the 3,600 spm press drive unit. We respond to the growing market of EVs, HEVs, and highly efficient energy-saving motor core production equipment, as well as semiconductor industries with innovative ideas and advanced technologies.

Tablet press

The demands for moist tablets are increasing because of the easiness to dissolve. The equipment requires extremely accurate mechanical movement than ordinally tablet press and our superb mechanism helps customers improve efficiency. We anticipate these technologies to be applied to the manufacture of “all-solid-state batteries”, the safe and high-energy-density next generation rechargeable batteries.

High speed battery assembly machine

The market for small batteries used in portable and wearable electronic equipment is expanding. G&Pʼs high speed battery assembly machines offer flexible changeover solutions. These efficient and responsive techniques help customers manufacture valueadded battery products.