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Our advanced technology and flexible solution provide customers around the world with innovative aluminum can manufacturing processes.

G&Pʼs mission is to provide our global customers the best performance at minimal cost.

Infinitely recyclable aluminum is widely used everywhere to provide environmentally friendly aluminum bottles. As aluminum bottle use continues to spread, new innovative technologies to reduce costs, such as lightweighting, and stunning designs that appeal to consumers are being introduced.

It takes advanced technology to form these shapes accurately and efficiently.

Our company was established in 2015. We serve our customers by combining unique and highly efficient aluminum container manufacturing processes, based on Sankyo Seisakushoʼs world-renown cam technology. Our aluminum can production equipment runs from end to end, and includes related production equipment such as washing and inspection machines. All of these products incorporate Sankyo Groupʼs unique cam technology. Our products are manufactured with great precision during each process. This means excellent performance is built in, and that improves the throughput. We start by making sure we understand customersʼ needs; then we make proposals that are tailored to their specifications. This gives us the ability to innovate your can manufacturing site.

In June 2018, we established a new factory in Kikugawa City, Shizuoka. Completion of this factory brought new improvements to our development and supply capabilities. We set up a mock line in this factory that simulates the aluminum can manufacturing process, showing exactly how our products are used. Visitors can see how each machine operates and how a series of manufacturing processes are interrelated. To see them ready for work is to understand their excellence.

We have a full maintenance and support service system. The Sankyo Group has service bases in the United States, China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand, staffed with local experts. We can dispatch technical staff as needed from Japan to any place in the world. Our groupʼs wide capabilities allow us to provide global, speedy andhigh-quality service.

Weʼre your business partner, dedicated to provide the support you need to help realize your dreams with our products and aluminum can manufacturing processes, backed by innovative Japanese technology, flexible solutions, and comprehensive service system.

CEO Hiroumi Ogawa