Basic policies concerning personal information

G&P Inc. (called "G&P") recognizes that properly handling information that can identify customers, including their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (otherwise called "Personal Information") is a very important social responsibility. We have specified the following basic policies to protect peopleʼs Personal Information.

1.Using the Personal Information

When G&P receives Personal Information from a customer, we explicitly state its purpose of use, method of use, etc. to the customer, and only use it for the stated purposes.

2. About our handling and use of personal information

1)The use of personal information

The personal information provided by our customers will only be used for the following purposes. We will not use them for any other purposes than those listed below without the consent of the personal information owners.

2)Supplying Personal Information to third parties

We will not disclose Personal Information provided and registered by our customers to any third parties. However, if any of the following cases applies, we may disclose information to a third party.

3)Control of Personal Information

G&P appropriately controls the Personal Information it holds, according to it purpose of use.

To accomplish this, G&P appoints officers to be in charge of the management of Personal Information, and implements security measures against unauthorized access, loss, or leaks of Personal Information.

3. Inquiries and other matters

If you have any questions about this policies, please contact (

4.Compliance and improvement

G&P complies with all laws, regulations, and ordinances related to the protection of Personal Information, and strives for continuous improvement, in order to remain assured it is handling Personal Information correctly and appropriately.

These improvements will be reflected from time to time as changes in these basic policies.