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speed and stable
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March 2019
New innovative and patented Inside Spray Machine with detection system debuted.
October 2019
500ml Monster bottle by Universal Can Corporation produced on G&P Bottle Necker won the Gold in the bottle category at the Cans of The Year Awards.
August 2020
First original Bodymaker “Nayuta” with innovative Hypocycloid drive is now available for sales.

Our Backbobe, Achievement & Inspiration

0 “ZERO” backlash indexing unit is the key component for achieving high-speed and ultra-accuracy in motion controls for all our equipment.
100 units of the large direct-drive indexer sold globally for the metal bottle forming machine. We are the only supplier in the world that produces the high output torque and precise indexing unit.
1,000 index per minutes equipment. We are ready for future demands for high-speed and high-resolution vision inspection system for cylindrical shape containers.